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Chapter 277 Introducing Allen Morsley

  • In response to Allen's question, the young man shook his head. “I don't know them, but I heard that one of them was called Master Walker.”
  • “Master Walker? As in Christian Walker?” asked Allen with tightly knitted brows.
  • The man Allen mentioned is from one of the four prominent families in Yaleview.
  • “No, not him. Christian would never do anything like this to me. Besides, he wouldn't dare to beat me up or he would be disrespecting you.”
  • “Who else in Yaleview goes by Master Walker besides Christian? So anyone can simply have people calling them Master nowadays, huh? It's ridiculous!” scoffed Allen at the thought. “Did you tell them that you're under my protection when they hit you?”
  • The young man scratched his head in embarrassment before answering, “No. I... I forgot to do that.”
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