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Chapter 257 Here In Yaleview

  • “Pfft...”
  • Yvette couldn't help but roll her eyes after she heard what Jonathan said. She complained, “Oh, you're not interested in me? Good! Because I have no intention of ever getting close to you either.”
  • “Okay, c'mon, Yvette. Let's not take things too far,” said Kylie, who couldn't resist giggling a little when she saw how Yvette was rolling her eyes at Jonathan.
  • “Stop laughing already,” complained Yvette as she knocked lightly on Kylie's head.
  • “Ah, that hurts,” said Kylie while caressing her head. She pouted before she turned her attention to Jonathan and asked, “So, Jonathan, are you from Jazona as well?”
  • Jonathan nodded.
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