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Chapter 251 Going To Yaleview

  • Graham could not believe what he had heard. The sniper managed to escape Asura? How is that possible? If this news were to spread, that sniper would become famous among his fellow assassins.
  • “Yep, he got away.” Jonathan shrugged nonchalantly and did not provide any more details, for he did not want Josephine to know that he had just killed somebody.
  • “Then, do you need me to check the surveillance cameras in the surrounding?” inquired Graham cautiously, afraid that he would upset Jonathan for meddling in the man's business.
  • However, Jonathan waved his hand to turn down the offer. “That won't be necessary. Even if you do, you won't find anything. Just leave this matter to me, and I'll take care of it.”
  • “Okay.” Graham quickly nodded and dared not go against Jonathan's wishes.
  • A few minutes later, Jonathan left with Josephine, who could not help but question the man about what had happened earlier. “Jonathan, why would a sniper suddenly want to assassinate you? Is it because of me?”
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