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Chapter 250 Break His Legs

  • “H-How did you find me?” The sniper gazed at Jonathan in disbelief.
  • As a professional assassin from the Dark Web, he would never accept a job without being fully prepared.
  • This time, he made sure everything was in order before he took action.
  • After accepting the job, he flew to Jadeborough and followed Josephine the entire day. He even spent one hour picking the perfect angle to carry out the assassination.
  • If this b*stard hadn't dragged her away, I would be packing up my stuff now to claim my reward back home! he fumed inwardly.
  • “Is it even that hard to find you?” Jonathan eyed him indifferently. “You're a professional assassin. Did no one tell you to leave right after you failed to kill your target in one shot?”
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