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Chapter 249 Sniper

  • He halted behind Josephine and patted her head gently. A corner of his mouth lifted as he asked, “How is the discussion going?”
  • “It's going along smoothly. We're waiting for the construction of the ecological park to begin!” Josephine wasn't as repelled by his touch as she was previously. Instead, she jutted her nose up and turned at her shoulder to ask, “Did you deal with the matter in Cranur?”
  • Jonathan answered, “Yes, it's settled.”
  • He whipped his head around to look at Graham and inquired, “No one from Jazona came to try to stick their nose into the ecological park project, right?”
  • “No.” Graham shook his head.
  • After what happened to the Turners, no one dared to get involved in the ecological park project.
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