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Chapter 245 You Have Three Days

  • Jonathan picked his phone up and took the call. “Hello? What is it?”
  • “Mr. Goldstein? It's me, Randall,” Randall greeted him, but his voice sounded a bit hoarse. “I have looked into this matter. The man called Derrick took all the compensation meant for the villagers of Greendale Village. He is also the leader of a local gang, and they have caused a lot of trouble for the villagers. Suffice to say, they are a local menace. The total recompense for the village is around a hundred million, and Derrick took it all for himself.”
  • A hundred million? Jonathan's face fell the moment he heard how much money was involved in the corruption. A village chief alone took a hundred million that is meant for the villagers. The corruption must be worse in the higher echelons then.
  • The chief of a small village is already taking this much money, so what about the chief of a bigger one? Are they involved in more severe corruption? If that is true, the mayors must be involved in even more egregious transactions. There is no doubt that the chief is involved as well.
  • “I want you to get to the bottom of this, no matter what,” Jonathan ordered coldly, “Drag all these parasites into the sunlight. Find everyone who is corrupted. Leave no stone unturned. I do not care even if Zachary himself is involved. Punish all the corrupted officers, and I mean all of them. Severely, if I may add.”
  • “Yes, sir!”
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