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Chapter 230 Youngblood Know Nothing

  • However, that glare was enough to get the middle-aged doctor to shiver in fear.
  • That glare... It's as though I am being targeted by a demon that could kill me at any given moment.
  • “So what if I am the one who issued the order? They can't afford to pay for their outstanding medical fees, so I had my men kick them out of the hospital. What's wrong with that?” said the doctor, who was pretending to be calm.
  • He then added, “Do you realize how many patients are waiting to be admitted to the hospital? What's wrong with me chasing out a few patients who are taking up the hospital beds in ICU, yet refuse to pay up?”
  • The middle-aged doctor said those words with his head held high.
  • He was especially harsh to Jonathan, who he taunted by shooting a discriminating look over.
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