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Chapter 227 Unexpected Call

  • It was so surprising to see her mother's sudden change of attitude toward Jonathan that Josephine was rendered speechless. What's going on? It's as if I'm an outsider and Jonathan is her son!
  • “Is the taste to your liking, Jonathan?” Margaret asked earnestly, looking as if her whole world was hinged on his answer.
  • Josephine was even more confused. She scanned Margaret and Jonathan's faces, wondering if they were hiding something from her.
  • “Not bad,” Jonathan commented after eating a spoonful of the soup. He pushed the bowl in Josephine's direction, smiling. “Want a bite?”
  • “Nope!” She humphed and turned so that her back was facing Jonathan.
  • “What's wrong? Are you mad at me?” Jonathan chuckled. He snaked his arms around her from behind. She was startled the moment she was being pulled into the unexpected embrace. “Jonathan! W-What're you doing? Let go... There're others around...”
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