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Chapter 224 I Have A Condition

  • When Loretta heard Jonathan's remark, a glint of anger flashed across her eyes. “What's the meaning of that, Jonathan? Aren't you of the Goldstein family as well?”
  • With an apathetic expression on his face, Jonathan replied, “I've long since ceased to be a member of the Goldstein family. From the moment you banished me ten years ago, I had nothing to do with the Goldstein family anymore!”
  • The moment his words fell into Loretta's ears, the fury in her eyes blazed all the hotter. “Jonathan Goldstein! Don't forget that the blood flowing in your veins is that of the Goldstein family! As long as you live, you'll remain a member of the Goldstein family all your life!”
  • “The blood flowing in my veins is that of my parents and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Goldstein family!” Not in the mood to yak with her, Jonathan cut right to the chase. “All right, cut the crap! Just spit it out! Why are you here to seek me out? If it's to persuade me to return to the Goldstein family, you can save your breath! I'll never do that!”
  • Loretta was so infuriated at Jonathan's indifferent expression that she shook with rage. Her hand that was grasping her cane, in particular, trembled violently. “What kind of attitude is this, Jonathan? Is this how you speak to your grandmother?”
  • Upon hearing that word, Jonathan couldn't help sneering, “Grandmother? From the day my parents passed away ten years ago, I no longer have any relatives in this world! How could I possibly have a grandmother? You must have gotten the wrong person.”
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