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Chapter 219 From The Office Of Asura

  • Jon?
  • When everyone there heard that address, their hearts clenched in terror.
  • Who else in the whole of Chanaea dares to address Jonathan Goldstein as Jon other than him?
  • At the drop of a hat, their gazes brimmed with pity as they stared at Zachary.
  • “Why are you all looking at me so strangely?” Zachary queried densely upon glimpsing the look in their eyes.
  • At that, Terrence couldn't resist glancing at him. “Why do you think? In this whole wide world, you're the first person who dares address him as Jon. I admire your guts. Well, as expected of the Vanquisher King of War! Here, I'll toast you! I'll definitely visit your grave on this very day next year and toast you again!”
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