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Chapter 216 Break Your Legs

  • Within ten minutes, not even a single armored soldier was seen standing in front of Velarium Hotel. It was as if none of them had ever been there. There were no trails left behind at all.
  • Xayden instantly fell to his knees with a thud at that sight. “I kneel before you all, the four Kings of War!”
  • By now, Xayden had realized who those four middle-aged men were. As a matter of fact, there was no way he wouldn't have found out unless he had been living under a rock all his life.
  • He was well aware that only the legendary Asura himself and the four Kings of War could issue orders upon the Four Asura Guards.
  • Besides, there was no one else capable of intimidating the mayor of Jadeborough, Randall, and the division leader of Divine Dragon Guards in Jadeborough, Andrew.
  • Above all, Xayden was painfully aware of how the Four Asura Guards took Jazona by storm just a few days before. Hence, his fear for them was well-justified.
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