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Chapter 212 Accident

  • “I hope you weren't frightened, honey.” Jonathan tossed his pistol away and turned around to calm his wife down.
  • “I-I'm fine, Jonathan.” Josephine shook her head, but the sheer terror in her eyes betrayed what she truly felt. “A-Are they really dead? All of them?”
  • “Yes, they are.”
  • “Y-You killed them?” She suddenly looked at her husband. Panic welled up within her when she realized what Jonathan had done. She had a guess that he had stacked a mountain of corpses during his warring days, but that was just in her imagination. Seeing him killing a group of people right in front of her was still a shocking experience.
  • The corpses strewn all over the ground and the pools of blood around them told her everything was true despite her thinking otherwise. Jonathan did kill them all.
  • “You don't have to be scared, honey.” Jonathan noticed his wife's panic, of course, and he held her close to calm her down. “They brought this unto themselves; they deserved it.”
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