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Chapter 198 Toward The Turner Residence

  • After hearing Reaper's words, Terrence promptly harrumphed and scoffed, “Hmph! He sure is fearless! Isn't he afraid that the rebels at West Region would destroy his base once you leave?”
  • “A mere hundreds of thousands of rebel troops of the West Region means nothing when the Thunder King of War is leading the army personally! He only needs fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards to drive them out of Beshya and back to West Region!” Reaper retorted coldly without backing down.
  • As the pride and dignity of the Eagle Dragon Guards were involved, he refused to budge.
  • “Don't be so confident. Wouldn't it be humiliating if his base were really demolished, forcing him to implore us for help? I heard that he would have to go and stay at Northern Crimson Prison for some time if he can't put an end to West Region's rebellion!” Terrence sneered.
  • Northern Crimson Prison housed the most dangerous people in the entire world.
  • Rumor had it that the president of a small country was also once imprisoned there.
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