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Chapter 190 Just Await Our Demise

  • “Yet, you think the Smith family is qualified to be my dog?”
  • The instant those words rang in their mind, the expressions of Hugo and his two sons turned frightfully grim. Hugo, especially, was gripped by the urge to crawl into a hole.
  • Before coming to the Turner residence, he had imagined all kinds of ways in which Timothy could humiliate them. Still, never had he expected him to say that the Smith family was not even qualified as the Turner family's dog.
  • “Mr. Turner, the Smith family—”
  • Hugo wanted to say that the Smith family still had some other value, but Timothy cut him off impatiently before he could even finish his sentence. “Scram! I only agreed to meet the lot of you because I thought Josephine was willing to give in and apologize on her knees before me. I never expected it to be just you few old geezers! If I'd known, I wouldn't even have deigned to see you! What a waste of time! Buzz off!”
  • He waved a dismissive hand, not even in the mood to see them for a second longer.
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