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Chapter 18 Find Yourself A Rich Husband

  • Soon came the next day—the birthday of Anderson Blackwood.
  • As the head of the most affluent family in the whole of Jadeborough, his birthday party was attended by distinguished figures from all over the city.
  • In other words, the birthday party was, in fact, a gathering for the upper-class society. Those who wanted to climb up the rungs of the social ladder would do anything to get an invitation card to the party. It was rumored that someone had offered eight hundred thousand just to buy one.
  • Even so, no one was willing to sell it.
  • The backyard of the Blackwood residence had an area of about a few hundred square meters.
  • At that moment, it was packed to the brim, with most of the guests being respectable figures in Jadeborough, including chairpersons of construction companies, managers of shopping malls, and government officials from different departments.
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