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Chapter 177 The Turner Family

  • “Hello?”
  • “Ms. Smith, have you offended someone recently?” When Josephine heard the man on the other end, she knew it was the representative from Graham Group.
  • “What's the matter?” Josephine frowned because she had a bad feeling about it. However, she wasn't sure of the things going on.
  • “A few of our suppliers have called off the deal with our company! They refuse to supply us with the materials we need until we sever ties with your family! A few of them nullified the agreement after sealing the deal with the representatives of our company! Can you tell me what's going on?”
  • The representative on the other end of the phone was slightly impatient because not only was the ecological park project affected, but another few of Graham Group's projects were affected too due to the disruption of supply.
  • Graham Group might have to brace itself through a financial predicament unless they could resolve the crisis and acquire the materials they needed for the rest of their projects.
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