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Chapter 170 A Death Wish

  • “You're nothing similar to the strong and capable woman I know!” Jonathan made a look when he recalled the time Josephine braced herself through countless challenges in spite of others' disagreement. She wouldn't even listen to Margaret once she made up her mind on something.
  • “What do you mean? Have you always thought that I'm a strong and capable woman?”
  • She looked at him in the eyes and added, “You don't think I'm going to put everything at stake and pick on the Turner family over something as trivial as such, do you?”
  • After pausing for a few seconds, she murmured while shaking her head, “You've always been the selfish one! Have you ever thought of the days I spent without you over the past three years? You disappeared into thin air over the night without telling me anything!”
  • “I do!” Jonathan assured in a serious tone because she was the only one he truly cared about when he was away throughout the years.
  • If it weren't because of her, he would never give up the honor of the almighty Asura and return to her. She was the sole reason he had been spending most of his time idle. He thought nothing else mattered apart from his future with Josephine.
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