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Chapter 167 Tricked

  • “Weren't you wearing it this morning and staunchly refused to return it to Jonathan? Don't you remember?” Josephine couldn't help feeling a tad suspicious at the panicked expression on Margaret's face.
  • “Oh, you're referring to that watch?” It was as though something suddenly occurred to Margaret. “I took it off this morning before leaving home and placed it on the table!”
  • “You placed it on the table?” Josephine swept a gaze over the table in bewilderment, but there was only an empty box there.
  • Huh? There's no watch there.
  • Upon glimpsing the dubious look in her eyes, Margaret uneasily changed her tune. “Perhaps I took it off when I took a shower but forgot where I put it. I'll look for it when I'm free.”
  • “You're not lying to me, are you, Mom?” Josephine regarded her skeptically.
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