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Chapter 166 The Office Of The Vice Governor

  • Hmm? Even the governor's office has a healthy fear of them?
  • That statement surprised Jonathan, for no one else could ride roughshod over the governor's office in the whole of Jazona other than Zachary and the King of War Division.
  • In other words, the four prominent families and the Turner family were nothing in comparison to the governor's office.
  • With the power Kingstone holds in his hands, he can crush the four prominent families together, let alone a mere Turner family. But in Jazona, the governor's office actually fears them?
  • “Are you saying that the Turner family is even more powerful than the governor's office in Jazona?” Jonathan inquired with his brows furrowed.
  • “While they're not as powerful as the governor's office, they're almost there.” Lowering his voice to a mere whisper, Randall added, “In Jazona, the Turner family is also dubbed the vice governor's office.”
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