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Chapter 163 A Solemn Vow

  • “Nonsense! What utter lies!” No sooner did Austin's words ring out than Randall's expression abruptly turned wintry. “I now suspect that you're in cahoots with this group of ruffians and had aided them in extorting the person in charge of the ecological park project!”
  • Then, he instructed, “Men, arrest him!”
  • As he spoke, he pointed right at Austin.
  • “Mr. Swindell... How could you slander me? That's not true at all!” When Austin heard the order for him to be arrested without any hesitation, panic engulfed him.
  • “We'll see about that back at the police station!” Snorting, Randall commanded, “Escort him back to the police station and investigate what exactly his relationship is with this group of ruffians! Also, detain all of them and look into whether the ecological park project really occupied their land!”
  • Not in the mood to waste his breath with them, he ordered to have Austin and the group of men in black arrested.
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