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Chapter 151 Pretending To Be Rich

  • Ten minutes later, their car stopped in front of a busy mall.
  • When Jonathan saw how lively it was, he was dazed by the sight. Four years ago, the building was dilapidated while its surroundings were deserted, not a soul to be seen anywhere nearby.
  • Back then, the place would be covered in darkness at night as it didn't even have a street lamp.
  • However, the old building was now gone. In its place was a ten-story building and a plaza right smack in the center of the business district.
  • The plaza was brightly lit with crowds coming and going. Outside of it, there were many couples holding hands and hugging each other. Once in a while, one could even find some couples kissing unabashedly, as if they didn't care about the looks passersby gave them.
  • “Isn't it great to be young?” Looking at the couple, Jonathan couldn't help but sigh. “Darling, why don't we kiss too?”
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