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Chapter 143 An Inconsequential Secretary General

  • As the secretary-general of the governor's office and Kingstone's personal secretary, the power Henry wielded in the whole of Jazona was only second to Kingstone himself.
  • Even the mayor had to show him respect upon meeting him.
  • After all, he was the person closest to Kingstone.
  • “Mr. Chandler, I suspect that he's a professional assassin!” With Henry there, Hunter instantly grew much bolder. “Not only did he attempt to commit murder, but he even has a destructive weapon on him! If you'd even arrived a few minutes later, Mr. Chandler, I'm afraid that you would've missed seeing me for the very last time!”
  • “He's a professional assassin, you said?” In response, Henry's expression abruptly changed.
  • “Yes!” Hunter nodded hastily. “Look at my legs, Mr. Chandler! It was him who shot me!”
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