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Chapter 139 The Patriarch Of The York Family

  • That's impossible!
  • Tavion didn't believe that Jonathan could have some hidden identity.
  • I know him all too well! After the company went bankrupt back then, he owed a boatload of debts and was even hunted down by the loan sharks! If he really has some hidden identity, how could he possibly have been pursued for an entire year? Just look at him! He's so broke that he can't even afford to buy a set of decent clothes. Also, he has never even ridden in a Rolls-Royce. How could he be some anonymous big shot?
  • “Kid, it seems that I've underestimated you!” While everyone was still wondering about Jonathan's hidden identity, Preston threw him an icy look and drawled, “I never thought that you'd have a few tricks up your sleeve that even the police chief doesn't dare interfere in your affairs! But so what? Compared to the York family, you're still no more than an ant!”
  • Rhett was a mere police chief, so he truly didn't take him seriously.
  • Compared to the York family, what's an inconsequential police chief?
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