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Chapter 138 Do Not Ask For Trouble

  • When Jonathan heard the voices, he instinctively glanced over.
  • After doing so, his brows knitted together.
  • Why is it him again? Are there no other police officers in Jazona?
  • “What exactly is happening here, Mr. Goldstein?” In the face of Jonathan, Rhett inexplicably felt a touch unnerved.
  • As the police chief, few can intimidate me in the whole of Jazona that I'd feel daunted and lose all courage. Yet, he happens to be one of them! Even the top dog of the Divine Dragon Guards, Thierry, didn't dare utter a single word of protest before him. What am I, a mere police chief, in comparison? I'll lose my position if I dare go against him!
  • “Can't you see what's going on here?” Jonathan replied airily.
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