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Chapter 134 Break My Legs

  • I caused the company to go bankrupt and even owe a shedload of debts?
  • Despite Mike's and Vincent's contemptuous gazes, Jonathan was in no hurry to explain things. Instead, he shifted his gaze to Tavion.
  • I'll just see what he's going to say!
  • However, Tavion acted as though he didn't notice the man's gaze on him. He merely waved a hand and urged, “Let's not talk about that. It's all in the past! Besides, he wasn't to be blamed entirely for the incident back then. I was also partially responsible!”
  • While he was seemingly defending Jonathan, he was actually answering the two men's question in the affirmative.
  • In other words, he was saying that it was indeed Jonathan who had caused the company to go bankrupt back then!
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