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Chapter 132 A Bunch Of Lies

  • In the blink of an eye, Tavion's expression changed drastically.
  • It was as though someone had caught him in a lie, and a pained look crossed his face. “That was a misunderstanding, Jonathan.”
  • “Oh? How was it a misunderstanding?” Jonathan lightly leaned back against the couch and gazed at him aloofly.
  • “Actually, I didn't commit suicide back then...” Tavion's eyes darted everywhere, not having expected the man to launch a sudden attack at him. “After our company went bankrupt back then, loan sharks were looking for me everywhere. They didn't just send people to hunt me down but even went so far as to harass my family. Left with no other recourse, I could only fake my death in hopes that I could dupe those loan sharks! You don't know how dangerous it was back then. I almost got hacked to death a few times!”
  • While saying that, his hand that held the cigar trembled lightly, complementing his fearful expression.
  • If I hadn't heard about how he shoved all the blame of the incident back then on me from the taxi driver on my way here, I might really be taken in by his lies! It's truly a shame that he's not running for the Oscars!
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