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Chapter 130 There Are Two Options

  • “I heard it from the owner of Tavion Tower! I even watched his interview on television last year or the year before, and he said it himself!” the taxi driver answered airily.
  • Ah, he said it himself, huh?
  • Upon hearing that, Jonathan couldn't help sneering.
  • How shameless of him to speak of the matter back then! That aside, he even made himself the victim and me into the villain who caused him to go bankrupt!
  • “Are you going to Tavion Tower to interview for a job, lad?” The taxi driver didn't notice Jonathan's wintry expression and continued chatting with him. “I heard that the requirements for a job there are pretty high. You've got at least a bachelor's degree, yes?”
  • “I'm going there to pay the owner of Tavion Tower, Tavion Callahan, himself a visit!” Jonathan admitted in a curt voice.
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