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Chapter 129 I Was The Villain

  • “If I'm not mistaken, he's in Jazona.” Willow again studied Jonathan warily. “Boss, is there some conflict between you and Tavion?”
  • From the look in Jonathan's eyes, she could distinctly sense that the man was livid.
  • “No. I just want to know the truth about the incident back then!” Jonathan replied coldly.
  • I don't care about the hundred million loss suffered by the company back when it went bankrupt. Even a billion is just a number to me today, much less a hundred million. I only want to know whether the incident back then was a trap he'd laid for me by colluding with someone else! The thing I detest most in my life is betrayal, especially when the person who betrayed me was someone I once trusted most!
  • “Should I have someone investigate his address, Mr. Goldstein?” Graham seemed to have perceived something from his words. It wasn't just Willow, for even he felt a shiver running down his spine at the man's frosty gaze.
  • “Yeah.” Jonathan nodded. “I want the answer as soon as possible.”
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