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Chapter 124 Get To Your Knees

  • “You're not seeing things,” Jonathan answered, giving the incredulous Thierry an impassive look. “It's me!”
  • “Mr. Goldstein!”
  • In a flash, Thierry's eyes reddened as he fell to his knees before Jonathan with a resounding thud.
  • “Greetings, Sir! Thierry Cloutier of the Divine Dragon Guards in the Jazona Military District at your service!”
  • I've not seen Asura for a whole year! Some said he lost his life on the battlefield, and some said he retired and is living in seclusion in the mountains. Since his retirement, he has stopped interfering in worldly affairs. I never believed any of those rumors!
  • Indeed, Thierry had never believed in those rumors, as Asura had single-handedly led them to conquer the world. Someone as strong as Asura wouldn't have died on the battlefield.
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