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Chapter 123 What Is His Name

  • “Cut the crap and tell me who issued the order!” Jonathan gave him an impatient look. “I want to know who made the Special Forces listen to the police's order!”
  • The Special Forces were under the jurisdiction of the Jazona Military District, with the Divine Dragon Guards as their superior.
  • The Special Forces weren't under the administration of the police, as both of them were under different systems.
  • I'd like to know who gave the order for the Special Forces to join forces with the police and run amok here! How dare they point their rifles at me?
  • “No one gave us the order,” Duncan answered. “We came here at Chief Barnstone's request.” He couldn't help but wonder who Jonathan was, for no one in the state of Jazona had the guts to speak to the Special Forces in such a commanding tone, let alone call Zachary and Thierry by their names.
  • “So you acted on your own, huh?” Jonathan said, his expression frigid. “Call the person-in-charge of the Special Forces. I would like to ask him how he usually manages your team! His subordinates have conducted an operation behind his back. He deserves to be punished. If he can't provide a satisfactory explanation today, he'll lose his position as the person-in-charge of your team!”
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