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Chapter 101 Not Worthy Enough

  • Harrison Seymour? Why would he show up here all of a sudden?
  • Everyone in the venue shared the same thought.
  • Hugo, especially, could not hide his confusion at the announcement. The Smith family had no connections with Harrison. Besides, he did not extend an invitation to the man.
  • “Hurry, welcome him!” Despite being taken aback by Harrison's sudden arrival, he quickly barked an urgent order.
  • Even if Harrison had arrived without an invitation, he was not to be trifled with. After all, his reputation in Jadeborough was on the crest of a wave.
  • Since taking over the Blackwood family's business, which used to be one of the four most prominent families, Harrison had emerged to be the most influential person in both the official and underground circles of Jadeborough.
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