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The Fragrance Of Desires

The Fragrance Of Desires

Belle Scarlet

Last update: 2023-01-10

Chapter 1 Liking Your Hunky Father

  • ENTRY 1.1
  • ***
  • Delia’s POV
  • I was in grade 10 when I first saw Martha’s father. It was the day when her mother died of cancer. I don’t know, and I shouldn’t be feeling that sudden urge to touch him. I know it’s terrible, but the way his gaze darted on me, it seemed like I was drowning.
  • “So, what’s your plan now?” Martha asked, “Are you going to find work in the city or here?” she added.
  • I sipped on the straw of my fruit juice. We’re in their pool area and having a great time sitting in the lounge chairs.
  • “I don’t know. Mom wants me to go to the city, but I told her I would ask you first. How about you?”
  • Martha arched her brow. “Why do you need to ask me? It’s your choice. Besides, dad has his own company, and he told me to start working with the business. Since it’s expanding,” she replied, which made me sigh deeply.
  • “Yeah, Good for you, you’re rich, and you have an amazing dad like Zayne,” I replied and sipped on my straw again as I stared at the glimmering pool as the sun rays reflected into it. ‘
  • “Your mom has a boutique too. Why don’t you help her?”
  • I arched my brow as I looked at her. “She doesn’t want me. And can I ask a little favor?”
  • Martha nodded.
  • I bit my lower lip and smiled. “Does your dad in need of a sexy-tary—I mean secretary?”
  • Martha arched her brow and let out a playful smirk. “Don’t tell me you’re still into my dad?”
  • I pressed my lips and answered, “of course, not.”
  • “Really?” Martha’s voice seemed mocking as she bit her lower lip, restraining herself from laughing.
  • I scoffed. “Yeah. I’m already over him. It’s not that you want me to be your stepmom,” I replied and let out a fake chuckle.
  • Martha sighed. “Your age with my father has a twenty-years gap—”
  • “I know,” I interrupted, “—but his face is younger. It seems like he’s not in his forties,” I replied.
  • “Girl, even if you like my dad. I’m sure he will not look down on you. You see, he’s busy with his company, and he told me he doesn’t want to find another woman—that he will not love another woman except for my late mother,” she explained, which breaks my hope.
  • “But what if he is into me? Do you want me to be your mom?” I asked and bit my lower lip as I locked my gaze on her.
  • I saw how Martha’s forehead creased. “Uhm… maybe. If dad wants you, why not. But I’m warning you, and dad became colder and numb when my mother died. One time, when we got a zero on the test—”
  • “You told him that I got zero too?” I cut the hum of her words.
  • Martha smiled and nodded.
  • I moved closer to her and slapped her leg, which made her groan, and shouted: “Ouch.”
  • “Why do you need to tell him about me? Ugh, I hate you!” I exclaimed.
  • Martha burst into laughter and stopped when I glared at her. “Aren’t you interested in what he says next?”
  • I shot a glare at her. “What?”
  • “He scolded me. And told me to stay away from you because you’re a bad influencer.”
  • My eyes widened because of it. I placed the glass of juice on the small table and stood up. “He said that?” I asked in surprise. Damn, how could he?
  • Martha nodded. “Yes. But I told him that you’re my best friend and I can’t stay away. If he still insisted on what he wanted, I told him that I would leave the house. And after that,” she sipped into the straw of her strawberry juice, “—he never repeated it. Of course, I will not let him destroy our friendship,” she asserted and smiled at me.
  • My anger suddenly cools down, and I sit again on the chair. “We got zero on that test because we reviewed the wrong lesson, and it’s not our fault. It’s on the professor. Besides, almost all of us got zero, and it’s just twenty questions,” I said as I remember those times that we shared when we were still in college.
  • But I won’t forget what he just said to me. Bad influencer? Really?
  • “What time does your dad comes home?” I asked all of a sudden, making Martha frown.
  • She squinted her eyes at me and moved closer. “What are you planning?”
  • “Planning? I’m not planning anything.”
  • Martha smirked. “Don’t me, Delia—”
  • “It’s De-li-ya, not Del-ya,” I corrected the pronunciation of my name.
  • Martha rolled her eyes. “Whatever, it’s still the same.”
  • I shook my head. “Nope. It’s not. Anyway, what time?”
  • “Why are you interested?”
  • I arched my brow and shot a glare at her. “Are you going to tell me or not?”
  • Martha heaved a deep sigh. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna ask him why he said that you’re bad—”
  • “Yes. And you can’t stop me. I don’t care if I like your hunky father, but what he said to me—”
  • “Geez, Delia. You’re already twenty-five. You should act according to your age,” Martha asserted.
  • I formed a sly smirk on my lips. “All right, I’ve changed my mind. I won’t ask him about it. But…”
  • Martha arched her brow. “But?”
  • “I want a spot in his company. And if you think that I can be your secretary, I will decline it.”
  • “Why would I hire you as my secretary? You’re not even qualified,” Martha replied, which made me glare at her.
  • I pouted. “I hate you.”
  • Martha shook her head. “Fine. I’ll ask dad if he needs a secretary. Actually, I will start working there on Monday—I mean, start practicing. He told me that he would assign me a mentor for me since he’s busy.
  • I nodded. “Thank you. Uhm… can I sleep here tonight?” I asked.
  • Martha squinted her eyes. “Don’t tell me you’re planning to sneak into my father’s—”
  • “What? Of course, not. It’s Saturday, and we’re going to have a movie marathon until 3 A.M., right?”
  • “Is it Saturday today?” Martha asked.
  • I arched my brow and flicked her temple. “Ouch,” she uttered.
  • “You knew your dad works from Monday to Saturday. He’s not here, right? So, he’s in your company, duh!” I rolled my eyes at her. “Besides, I already told mom that I will sleep here,” I added.
  • Martha shook her head. “I didn’t even agree that—”
  • “Come on, Martha. Not unless I will send your confession video to Rylie—”
  • “Shut up! And delete that thing. I look awful in that video. And how dare you take one when I get drunk?”
  • I smirked. “Don’t worry. As long as you follow me—”
  • “I will tell dad about it and be prepared because he’s a beast,” Martha said.
  • I smiled. “In bed?”
  • Martha frowned. She was about to hit me when I moved away. “Oh, shit!” I exclaimed when I saw the invisible smoke coming out from her nose. She’s angry, and I need to run.
  • “Delia!” she shouted as she was chasing me.
  • I laughed out loud and jumped into the pool. And I thought she wouldn’t follow me, but she jumped too and started to chase me again.
  • Our screams and laughs roared in the pool area.