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Chapter 9 Crushing on him

  • THE CEO ALPHA KING **Crushing on him**               Serena's P O V 
  • After passing all the gates, Isaac parked at the front of the mini mansion and we started offloading all the goods we bought. 
  • The others came out and helped us with offloading and by the time we finished, I was damn tired. I walked lazily to my room, of course I found it hard locating the particular room which belonged to me but I had luck because of the letter S I craved on the door earlier today.  
  • I opened the door, entered, shut it before throwing myself on the bed.  
  • My eye is so heavy with sleep and before you know it I fell asleep.  
  • The sound of my ringing phone pulled me out of my dream world. I reached for my phone to see the person on the line. 
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