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Chapter 10

  • "We are wiser than she thought. The witch will expose her secret! " As our gazes met, the Beta stated gruffly, gritting his teeth.
  • "I'm eager to find out why she saved the vampire!" My father chipped in under his breath.
  • At just that moment, the witch stomped in, clad in a red and fetish gown with bare feet.
  • "You called for me, Alpha?" She bowed low, while I stared at them with a sneer.
  • "Check why she saved a vampire that was almost caught by our hunters. We know there must be something fishy." The Alpha stated, and she turned to me sharply, peering into my eyes like she was searching for something in there.
  • "It was only out of mercy and pity at how wounded he was," I murmured to the witch, but just then, she screamed in fear, moving back as if she had found something shocking in my face.
  • "What is it?" I questioned her alongside the others, who were also eager to hear her.
  • "Why?" Why would you do that? "she half-yelled at me, wagging her head.
  • "I've told you it was sheer pity. I, I, I...
  • "Shut up!" she shouted this time, panting as she turned to the Alpha and the others.
  • "The vampire she saved is the son of the vampire king! And she had saved him because he promised to help her kill Torian for breaking her heart and choosing another lady over her." The witch announced, and everyone screamed in shock and rage, while I stared at her with my mouth wide open, wondering if she was joking.
  • This is a pure lie! Why is she lying on me? What have I done to her?
  • Just as I made to object, I saw her throw a short glance at the Beta's daughter, then to the Beta. The three let out a satisfying smirk that left me so confused.
  • "It is a lie! That was never my reason!" I screamed at the top of my voice, but it was clear no one was interested in me anymore as they all faced the witch, who was breathing heavily like she just had a hot chase with someone.
  • "I swear, I never planned death for Torian, he rejected me, but I was never going to hurt him!" My voice broke through the silence that filled the room again, but no one glanced at me.
  • "You mean she wanted the death of my son?" The Luna gasped and sucked her breath while stealing a glance at me.
  • "Luna, she is lying!" I bawled, and a rough booth pounded on my head forcefully that I fell back and struck the ground.
  • "So, this was the reason you saved the vampire!" The Beta who had kicked me with his booth, yelled and kicked my chest again as I tried to sit up, snapping my ribs in the most painful way, that I found it so terrible to breathe or talk. My vision became blurred as a result of the pain.
  • "And she is so timid to think that the vampire son would return here to get me killed. Why is this girl so dumb!" Torian seethed and spat on me for real. His saliva splattered over my neck, sending a wave of irritation through me.
  • "Dad, I have to officially reject her instantly before we punish her!" He added, and I suckled my breath as they pulled me up to face the first man who had taken my heart; the man I had offered my body, soul, and everything.
  • Torian was someone I thought of spending the rest of my life with, yet it wasn't up to two months of our relationship before my world shattered and crumbled into pieces.
  • Maybe I shouldn't have returned from my grandmother's place. How would I have known what was awaiting me? My life is already messed up, and I am a shame to everyone.
  • "I, Torian, the future Alpha of this pack, reject you stupid Lola as my mate and sever all bonds between us! I REJECT YOU! " His voice rumbled like thunder, breaking through the core of my heart and spreading that kind of pain which leaves the body numb and the lips clamped all over me.
  • His voice echoed in me and appeared like a two-edged sword used to slash not only my skin, but also my spirit and soul. I felt the sharp and overwhelming anguish course through me so badly that I flopped to the ground, groaning as the excruciating pain made it hard for me to scream.
  • My wolf let out a painful howl as she limp and pant in heartbreak. I could feel her sadness, and it added to misery in me.
  • At that moment, I felt like my world has been darkened forever. I've heard of a mate rejecting the other, but never had anyone described the pain to me. My life seemed deserted as I raised my gaze from the floor to look at them all, especially my parent, who could only wag their head in regret as they watched me.
  • The tears in my eyes were never stopping for a second, and it was so hot that my eyes hurt; my heart was hitting me so hard inside my chest, hitting my breath and setting my whole body on fire. Rejection was the worst thing that could happen to a werewolf.
  • Torian's parents cuddled and pat him gently as he gritted his teeth in pain too. Even when the female feels the suffering much more than the male, they all cared for him. I don't expect anyone to care for my anguish, though.
  • My parent also rushed at the Alpha Prince to console him. They offered water and pain reliever to him before he was taken away to his room to rest and relax his body, which was all I badly need. My throat was dried up and sore, with every strength in me sucked up.
  • As Torian left for his room with his new girlfriend, whose name I do not yet know, I felt the bond reaching the last phase of being severed, waiting for my acceptance of the rejection to break it all finally.
  • Accepting the rejection was the only thing that would reduce the pain and end every feeling and attachment I had for Torian, so I gathered every strength in me to stand, facing the Alpha and everyone.
  • "I am accepting the rejection! We have no future together, so there is no need of holding back the acceptance, as it will cause me grief of hoping to have him back, which is impossible…" I shrieked in an outburst of deep hurting emotion.