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The Broken Luna: Revenge

The Broken Luna: Revenge

Paige Turner

Last update: 2022-08-27

Chapter 1 At Deaths Door

  • Anabella laid on the bare ground, tired and fighting for her breath, she had been Raped, taken advantage of, and stabbed, she lay bleeding on the floor of a hill as she looked up facing the four men that had assaulted her, as they had pushed her from a cliff as soon as they were done with her.
  • Her breath was fast and shallow as she longed for more time
  • “Oh moon goodness, I don't want to die like this, not when I have been wronged”, she pleaded as she bled, her blood moving to the rock around causing a red pool of blood she heads the echoes of the four alphas snickering.
  • With her last breath looked up to the moon in one last prayer, she wanted her revenge, she couldn’t die like this. But her eyes closed slowly as her breath left her.
  • ****
  • **
  • Anna had always been a quiet omega, with her head buried in books and painting as her father was a small town winemaker who made the good wine in their town, but she always had a passion for adventure in the unknown
  • But everything had gone downhill from when her father who was a kind beta, had fallen ill with a stroke, leaving her the burden of their livelihood, as she had no other one left and she had to take care of her father with money, from job errands and winemaking.
  • A certain day came when she was tasked to deliver wine to a gathering of elites, and with her father suddenly turning ill, she had been left with sorting out their daily living and food for them to live on.
  • She had been given a major delivery to one of the duke's sons who had invited a few of his lads to a merry party
  • As soon as the doors were opened, her nose was consumed with the stench of sex and missed scents of omega's, betas, and alpha alike as her eyes widened at the scene
  • But no one cared or batted an eye as they continued, a beta who had been smoking opium at the corner came to her
  • “I came here for a delivery” she spoke, and with no words led her to the inner room where the duke’s son and his friends were
  • “See I told you she would come” one of the voices that were seated calls making her blood run cold as she looked at Edwin an alpha who had been pursuing her endlessly with bribes of a better life and always she had rejected him
  • He had even resulted to touching her without consent and tried to use his alpha pheromones on her, but she relented with a high smack and a scar on th side of his face to prove it, he had done with a warning her, that she would regret ever refusing him.
  • And here he was, with his father red who was a duke, and other alphas who smirked at her with evil intents
  • “Wow Edwin she is such a beauty, you were not joking” one of the alphas spoke as they looked at her
  • Annabella had then surged forward to the door only to see that it had been locked from outside and now she was trapped with these four vile men who pouring their pheromones on her, she had to get out of here, and back to her papa, he needed her as he was bedridden.
  • “Open the door now” she called to the alphas who just looked at her like she had grown horn before they busted out laughing, their intense scents already making her weak in the knees as it became suffocating
  • “You are in no place to be giving orders omega”
  • “Bring her forward Thomas,” Edwin called
  • In an instant, her free hand was tugged forward with a force that had her dropping the basket of wine which had broken and splattered across the wall and floor.
  • With alpha already on her, she was manhandled onto a desk while the other watched in amusement as her clothes were torn, exposing her undergarments
  • “Stop! Stop this!” She is begged but only snickers were heard, as she was dropped on the table and spread open like a meal,
  • With two other alphas holding her hand down, as the quiet one just watched, she had then felt a sharp thrust into her womanhood, the pains worse than anything she felt as she was being raped, and worst her first time being given to a beast who had no regard or respect for her,
  • “Fuck you smell so good” Edwin called as he trusted into her with no relent, making it intentionally hurt, he had then nibbled on her neck as he whispered in her ear,
  • “How would it feel if I forcefully mate you, you’ll be all mine”, as the others had felt she was weak enough left her to go back to their drinking and smoking as Edwin was still having his way with her
  • Anna was looking for a way out ,as her eyes landed on a quill pen, and in an Instant took it and stabbed him in the eyes
  • “Fuck!” he screamed alerting the others but in a quick second, an a had opened the window next to her, thankfully they were still on the ground floor and with weak legs ran out of the mansion,
  • The window being located at the back of the house had led her to a less open parting in the forest as she ran into the woods looking for her escape,
  • No one was here that she knew, and she couldn’t ask the help of the wolves who were all high from opium in the duke’s house,
  • The only thing that kept her going was her father, taking off as far her weak legs could go
  • But she wasn’t fast enough as she felt a hand cover her mouth, to see it was one of the four alphas who was much on the larger side and bigger than the other three, With the others catching up,
  • “Nice work Nicholas” one of the three Wolves called
  • Edwin who looked pissed as hell with his now permanently wounded eyes, he came and gave her a responding slap
  • “You see omega, I was going to give you the grace of being one of my concubines but you’re not even worth it”,
  • “She already knows too much, from the opium use, and the fact that you forced yourself on her Edwin”, a more quiet voice called as he stepped forward
  • Anna had looked up to meet the eyes of the quiet man who had stood in front of her.
  • “Don’t do this please, my papa” Anna whispered with her downing strength
  • “So what should I do now phill-” Edwin called, but before he could make out another sentence, Phillip had brought out a knife and stabbed Annabella, causing the remaining friends to look shocked by the alphas decision,
  • He had then taken her up on his shoulders, using her whole might to hit his back for him to drop her down, but he was much too strong for her
  • He had then stopped at a point in which Anna was already half conscious
  • “Goodbye, little omega” she heard as she was dropped, from a cliff, her back hitting the rocks as she couldn’t even let out. Scream, and just lay as she looked back up to see them staring down at her,
  • Her eyes became more blurry as she could see her father and Kal…the only two people she cared about, taking her last breath before the World turned black.