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Chapter 2 Kathy

  • Kathy..
  • New York was electric. There was something about the air in this city that made you feel like there was so much more that you could accomplish in life. So much freedom. I felt excited to be here and on my first night, I knew I had to celebrate.
  • I put on my best dress—a black silk bodycon that hugged me in all the right places. Usually, I never put too much makeup on, but I felt like a brand-new person in a new city. I wanted to make a good impression and so, I did my makeup and styled my hair. Feeling like a million bucks, I was ready to take on first night out in this fun city.
  • I made my way into one of the hottest bars in New York City. The place was clearly popular, but it was just exclusive enough that not everybody could get in easily. They apparently had a strict dress code. I walked in feeling confident and excited about where the night was going to take me.
  • "I'll have a martini, please," I told the bartender and then, considering my new identity and new life, I added, "Make it dirty".
  • "Strong preference for a girl who looks as delicate as you," a deep voice suddenly came up from behind me, sending goosebumps down my arm. "It's on me," he slid his black credit card down the bar.
  • I turned to see who this mysterious figure was who had just decided to pay for my drinks, and if the rest of him was just as attractive as his voice. He didn't disappoint. Standing next to me was a man who looked to be a little older than I was, with a sharp jawline and handsome features.
  • I blinked twice, gathering myself before I could respond.
  • "I'm not as delicate as you think," I replied, then held out my hand. "But thanks for the drink. I'm Kathy."
  • He seemed impressed by my gesture.
  • "Dylan," he held my gaze under the dim bar lights.
  • He had this intensity about him, and all he had done up to this point was to simply look at me.
  • I felt myself growing increasingly flustered but just then, the bartender brought the drink I had ordered. Feeling grateful for a distraction, I quickly grabbed my glass and began to take small sips out of it.
  • "May I ask what's a girl like you doing sitting all alone at the bar?" he asked, before ordering himself a glass of whiskey without ice.
  • "Let's just say that I'm celebrating my newfound freedom," I told him with a grin spreading out on my face.
  • "Freedom?" he repeated, and then his eyes dropped to my hand and the noticeably bare ring finger. "Oh, that kind of freedom."
  • I laughed. Even though I had just met this man, there was something about him that made me feel automatically at ease. Or it could just be the martini I was sipping on. I'd always been a lightweight.
  • "Yeah, I'm not looking to get tied down again any time soon," I admitted to him with a chuckle.
  • "I'm not sure if someone as pretty as you can stay single for too long," he complimented.
  • I felt the heat rise to my cheeks, and I quickly took another sip of my drink to hide the fact that I was feeling flushed.
  • "If my track record says anything, then all the boys I date end up being bad news for me," I said with a small sigh. From the corner of my eye, I could see him observing me intently.
  • I hadn't meant to get that serious or personal right out the gate, but the gorgeous stranger had broken through all my defenses. I didn't stand a chance with him.
  • "Maybe that's your problem," he said to me in a deep, sensuous voice that elevated all my senses.
  • I snapped my head up to look at him. "What is?"
  • He held my gaze without wavering. "You date boys. When you start dating men, you'll see the difference for yourself."
  • He said the words in such a self-assured way, as if he knew exactly what he was talking about and wasn't afraid to prove it either. He really had a magnetic presence and I felt myself being drawn toward him despite the fact that we had just met.
  • I downed the remainder of my drink quickly. Being around Dylan was making me nervous, I needed all the reinforcements I could get.
  • "Maybe you're right," I finally conceded. "But where do I even find these men that you speak of?"
  • He smirked at me. "Sometimes the answers you're looking for are right in front of you."
  • I didn't have time to hide the blush on my cheeks this time, and Dylan's lips curled into a knowing smile. I dipped my head shyly, thankful that at least he couldn't hear the way my heart was hammering.
  • "Another round of drinks?" I suggested.