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Chapter 9 – I Will Honor My Brother Above Everything

  • Maximus POV
  • It is not much for me to do except worry and wait while Marcus handles the time and location for the destruction of Alpha Ranon. Marcus knows where Alpha Ranon is located, but we cannot exactly just walk into his pack, grab Kayla and leave with a commotion. The minute we grab Kayla, all hell will break loose, and I am ready to fight for her. Marcus insists we need a plan, and Marcus is the better wolf to make the plan. I want to walk into Alpha Ranon’s house, behead him and chuck him to his wolves. I want to see him hurt, and in my anger, I could risk the life of Luna Kayla. That would not be what my brother would want. Soran would want my ultimate goal to be to save Luna Kayla. I will honor My brother above everything.
  • "Max," Marcus calls out to me. I get up from the porch step. I finish my beer and follow my brother into the house. It is so eery being here. I know Marcus does not feel that way, but to me, there are too many ghosts in this house, and I hate being here. That is why I suggested we give this land to Kayla. Marcus and Mindy have a home. I do not want to be here. Kayla has no one and nowhere to call home. I will help her build this place to its former bubbling wolf population, but first, we have to get her here.
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