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Chapter 8 – I Am A Prisoner

  • Luna Kayla POV
  • They toy with me, play with me, and treat me like I am nothing. The pain the three of them put me through is unbearable. I cannot help but scream as they each take a turn hurting me. Alpha Ranon and his wolf, Pierce, are determined to break me, and the she-wolf is willing to help them. How could she help them hurt me? She is a hostage just like me and probably just trying to survive.
  • Alpha Ranon takes me again, and Pierce is beneath me, taking my back hole. The she-wolf beats me as I scream out for help. "Soran!" I scream out for my dead husband. The three of them laugh. The more I cry, the more they enjoy hurting me. Before long, more wolves are coming to watch as the three of them torture me. Finally, it is over. Alpha Ranon, Pierce, and the she-wolf leave me screaming and crying.
  • I lay in pain and crying, alone and defeated. I scream out, growl, and cry. I can hear the laughter coming from the wolves and Alpha Ranon. I have a decision to make. Do I let him break me, fall in line, and suffer through this for the rest of my life, or do I fight back? How do I fight back when there are so many against me? How can I live like this? I cannot live like this.
  • The door opens slowly. My stomach clinches, thinking Alpha Ranon is coming back to take me again or Pierce is coming to take me from underneath again. I am in so much pain, and I scream as the door opens, only to be hit with the laugher and taunts of the wolves. Everything hurts. Every place they forced themselves into hurts. Alpha Ranon and his wolf took everything from me; there is nowhere on my body that has not been assaulted by Alpha Ranon and his wolf now. No part of my body is still a virgin.
  • "Shhh. It would be best if you calmed down," the she-wolf says as she comes into the bedroom with me. I look at her with disgust. She was a part of the last break Kayla session and seemed to enjoy the things she did to me.
  • "What do you want?" I ask her. I try to move. I would love to get my hands on her, but then what? Is any of this really her fault. Maybe not, but did she have to enjoy it so much?
  • She comes to me, moves my hair from my face, and looks me over. "I am here to clean you up and help you get ready for your wedding. It is a big night for you, Kayla," she says. I look into her eyes, looking for any sign of feelings behind her eyes. She seems cold and distant. I am sure whatever feelings she had, they beat it out of her.
  • "Here is what is going to happen, and it is important that you do exactly as I say, or we both will end up tied to a discipline table getting a beating and probably worse. Can you listen to me and comply?" she asks me.
  • "I will not cause you any trouble, " I say to her.
  • "I am going to unshackle you from the bed and help you out of the bed. We will go into the bathroom where I will shower you and then dress you for the wedding. I will stay with you until it is time for you to go to the altar and marry Alpha Ranon," she says.
  • "I promise not to run or cause you any problems," I say.
  • The she-wolf unshackles me and helps me to sit on the side of the bed. The pain between my legs and coming from my bottom is unreal as I sit on the side of the bed, and I want to scream, but I will not give them the pleasure of my screams anymore. She grabs my face. "Do not think that I will not kick your ass myself if you run. I will not end up like Shellie because of you. It is your fault they killed her," she says.
  • I nod my head. I know she will not help me. She is just trying to survive, and I understand that. She wants to live, and I will not cause her any more pain. I damn sure do not want her to end up like Shellie.
  • My legs buckle as I stand up to follow her to the bathroom. She looks at me coldly. "You will not make it a month," she says. She is probably right. If I am not going to make it anyway, then maybe I should fight back, but not now, not when I can cause her pain or anyone else. When I make my move, it needs to be on me.
  • I walk out of the bedroom with my head high. The wolves surround me, growling and taunting me. "Ummmm, you smell like a whore," one of them says. "I hope she does not make it to the altar. Maybe we can all have a turn," another wolf says.
  • One wolf grabs my naked body. He kisses me behind the ear and pins me to the wall. "Alpha said we can all have a turn at that ass," he says. He grinds against me. I pull away from him, and I am quickly slapped to the ground.
  • I hear a growl coming from the front of the house. "Let her be, as long as she falls in line and is mine, then hands-off," Alpha Ranon says. He pushes his way through the wolves.
  • "Now, Kayla, do you want to be mine or the packhouse pet?" Alpha Ranon asks me to make sure I have made up my mind. I look at the wolves wanting me. I will be dead by nightfall.
  • I look at Alpha Ranon. "I already told you that I am yours, Master," I answer him. I have to get out of this packhouse and away from all these wolves. It is the only way I will ever be able to run.
  • The wolf growls toward me. "Not fair, Alpha, you let Pierce have a turn with her," he protests.
  • "True, but Pierce was only trying to help break her, and he did as I told him. I do not think you would comply, and I do not want you to mark my bride," Alpha Ranon answers.
  • I follow the she-wolf to the bathroom, thankful that Alpha Ranon did not allow that wolf to have any part of me. I get into the shower, and the she-wolf begins helping me shower. Everything is hurting, and she is so rough with me.
  • "I do not want you to stink when you get married," she says.
  • "Why me?" I ask.
  • She looks at me. She slaps me on the face and grabs me by the throat. "Do you not get it, you stupid bitch! He wants you. Not me, you! I hope he changes his mind and lets all of the wolves have you until you die," she screams at me.
  • The bathroom door comes open, and Alpha Ranon comes into the bathroom. He reaches into the shower and pulls her off of me. He takes her out of the bathroom, and I hear him growling at her. "Pierce, come get your bitch and handle her," Alpha Ranon screams.
  • Moments later, he comes into the bathroom. I am still showering. "I will have another she-wolf come help you get ready for the wedding. Try to behave yourself and make tonight go well for both of us. If you comply and act right, then I will move you out of the packhouse," Alpha Ranon says.
  • Good then, I can run the first chance I get. I stand in the shower, letting the water run over my body. I just have to hold on and gain his trust, and then I can get out of here. I can do this. I can maintain.
  • The door opens, and I see the wolf from earlier. He is standing outside the shower and licking his lips. "Now that the Alpha is gone, I can fuck you, little bitch," he says. He reaches into the shower and grabs me. He throws me onto the floor of the bathroom.
  • I scream out for help. No one is coming. He holds me with one hand and unzips his pants with the other. I can feel him at my entrance. I close my eyes, and then someone pulls him off of me. I open my eyes to see her. She throws him out of the bathroom and locks the door.
  • "Greg is such a dick," she says.
  • "Thank you," I say as she helps me off the floor. She looks at the bruises on me. She shakes her head.
  • "I am sorry that my brother is an asshole. I am sorry this is happening to you. I cannot help you, but I can protect you from the other wolves. The best thing you can do is marry Ranon and please him. Your life will be easier if you do. I am Julie, Alpha Ranon's sister. I am a prisoner here too," she says. She pulls me into her arms and holds me. I cry into her shoulder and let everything out.