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Chapter 7 – Are You Ready

  • Luna Kayla POV
  • "Are you ready, Kayla?" Alpha Ranon asks me.
  • I do not answer him. I look away and stare at the wall. I can feel the weight of him on the bed. He pushes my legs apart, and then his fingers invade me. He slides them in and out of me hard. "Looks like you are ready for me, Kayla," Alpha Ranon says. I still say nothing. I keep looking at the way.
  • He grabs my face. "Look at your master," Alpha Ranon says.
  • "Yes, Master," I say to him. I look at him as he slides his fingers in and out of me.
  • "Tell me that you want me," Alpha Ranon demands. I look away. He shoves his fingers into me hard. I scream out from the pain as he pushes three fingers into me and keeps pushing up. PAIN PAIN I feel nothing but Pain.
  • "Tell me you want me, or I can make this much worse," Alpha Ranon says.
  • I must comply. I am in so much pain as he pushes inside me. "I want you, Master," I say to him. He smiles at me.
  • "Look at me when I play with your pussy," Alpha Ranon says.
  • I look at him. I want to look away, but he makes it hurt worse every time I do. He pulls his fingers out of me. "Now, I am going to make you mine permanently, Kayla. You will be mine forever, my whore, my pet, my wife," Alpha Ranon says. He pushes my legs apart and forces himself inside me.
  • Pain, all I feel is pain. My heart is breaking. All I can think about is Soran and how much he loved me. Now, he is dead. Maybe I should have saved all of us the pain and taken Alpha Ranon as my husband instead of Soran. Now, my sweet Soran is dead, and I am trapped in the packhouse. I am being forced to marry Alpha Ranon anyway. I have two choices; one marry the wolf I hate, or two, I will be trapped in the packhouse as a pet.
  • I stare at the wall as Alpha Ranon takes my virginity from me. I try not to cry, but the pain is too much. I am bound by the silver shackles, forced into place and forced into obedience. I could not fight him off if I wanted to fight him. He wants to defeat me. I feel defeated as he bites me and takes me hard. He wants me to feel nothing but pain.
  • As the pain of his invasion pulsates through my body, and he sweats on me, pushing into me hard and trying to hurt me, all I can think about is how sweet Soran was, how choosing him was the right thing to do and how I wanted to be a mother to his children. Alpha Ranon breaks my concentration and kisses me. His tongue invades my mouth. I move my head to the side to try to escape his kiss. He bites my neck and howls as he forcefully takes me hard.
  • "You are mine, Kayla, mine minemine," Alpha Ranon moans and growls as he forces himself in and out of me. My virginity is gone at the hands of this ruthless wolf. I saved myself for marriage, and it is gone. I am ruined now. Who would want a stained, broken wolf even if I did escape? I will be branded a whore.
  • I cry. I did not want him to see me cry, but I cannot stop crying. I want to go home. I want my husband and my family back. I close my eyes and try to think of my family. A sharp pain hits my face and forces me to open my eyes.
  • "Stop crying bitch and tell me how good it feels to be with a real wolf," Alpha Ranon says as he slaps me across the face. I refuse to say anything. He drives into me harder.
  • "I can make this the worst day of your life," Alpha Ranon says. I know he is not bluffing. I can only imagine how much he could hurt me.
  • He pumps into me harder. "No one will want you now. You will always smell like me. Every wolf that comes near you will know I took you first. You are mine forever, Kayla," Alpha Ranon growls at me.
  • "NOOOO!" I scream as loud as I can. I have had enough, and I will not be compliant anymore. I try to move, sending waves of pain through my flesh as the silver burns my skin.
  • "Soran!" I scream for my husband. I want him to rescue me. I want him to come for me, but it will not happen. Soran is dead, and it is all my fault. I deserve all of this.
  • My screams and begging only ignite a flame inside Alpha Ranon. He laughs and takes me harder. He leans into my face, trapping me forcing me to look at him. He buries his tongues in my mouth. His hand is on my throat as he kisses me. "Kiss me whore," Alpha Ranon says to me.
  • The sounds of the bed banging against the wall and our skin making contact echo through the room. I can hear wolves howling and taunting me as Alpha Ranon shows his dominance over me. I can either be his whore or everyone's whore.
  • "You are mine, Kayla, SAY IT! Tell me that you belong to me!" Alpha Ranon demands.
  • His hand on my throat, demanding I submit to him. "I am yours, Master," I say. I want to rebel, but how can I? I have to find a way to fight, but maybe the best thing is to be compliant right now.
  • Alpha Ranon finally begins to groan loudly and pushes into me, spilling himself into me. He gets off of me and sits on the bed beside me. I am just thankful it is over and that he is done with me. He looks back at me. "I was easy on you now. I need you to walk when you say I do to serve me forever. But tonight, after you become mine, I will break you, Kayla. I will break you!" Alpha Ranon says.
  • One of the wolves comes into the bedroom with the pet that shackled me to the bed earlier. "We want to help you break her," the wolf says.
  • Alpha Ranon looks at me. "Well, maybe one more round before we get ready for our wedding," Alpha Ranon says.
  • "NO, NO, NO!" I scream. I cannot take it again! I cry as the three of them surround me. Someone please help me!