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Chapter 4 – Marry Me Or Die

  • Kayla POV
  • He tortured her right in front of me. I watched, and so did several wolves as Alpha Ranon took Shellie. He beat her, he raped her, and he made me watch everything he did. He told me I was next, but my turn never came; he kept beating her and taking his anger out on her. I cried as she cried. When she screamed, I screamed.
  • When Alpha Ranon was finished with her, his men took over. By morning, there is nothing left of Shellie. Her body is cold as it lies here next to me. I am afraid to cry. I am scared to move. He left me alone with her dead body.
  • I keep reliving the night over and over in my mind. He made me lay in the bed next to them. He would fondle me and taunt me. He spit on me and beat me, but he did not rape me. We watched as his wolves killed her. He wanted it done in front of me so I would comply with his demands. He still wants me to agree to be his mate. I do not understand why?
  • "I am so sorry. Your life meant something," I say to her. Everyone is dead, and maybe it is my fault.
  • Alpha Ranon comes back into the bedroom. He throws down a plate of food in front of me. "Eat; you need your strength for tonight," Alpha Ranon says.
  • I am afraid to ask why I need strength. I grab the food and begin eating it. I get a few bites into my mouth when Alpha Ranon grabs it away from me. "Say thank you, master, or you do not eat," He scolds me.
  • "Thank you, Master," I say. I smile up at him and try to make him happy. It is hard to smile with a dead body right next to me, but I do the best I can. I want to retreat into my mind or die. I am sure death is coming for me soon enough.
  • He throws the food down on the floor. "Eat like a dog, little bitch," Alpha Ranon says. I get on the floor and pick up my plate to eat. "NO, like a dog," he says. I do as he says and eat on the floor like the pack dog. That is what I am now anyway. I am his bitch, his pet, his dog.
  • Wolves come into the room and look at me eating on the floor. One reaches down and pets me on the head. "Such a good little bitch," he says, and then they all laugh.
  • "Everything is ready for tonight, Alpha," the wolf says. I am listening, but I try not to make it obvious.
  • The wolves leave. "Come here, Kayla," Alpha Ranon says.
  • I crawl over to him on all fours, like a good dog. I sit at his feet. "Get up and sit in my lap," he says, patting his knee. I get up and sit on his lap.
  • "Tonight, you will marry me and be my wife, or you can not marry me tonight and be the packhouse pet. Do you know what it means to be the packhouse pet?" Alpha Ranon asks me. I look over at Shellie.
  • "I think so, Master," I answer him.
  • He grabs me tightly. "It means instead of me taking you into our marital bed tonight, you will be tied to the discipline table, and every wolf in this pack will get a turn at you starting with me," Alpha Ranon says.
  • I look over at Shellie dead. I reach over and touch her. "I understand," I say to Alpha Ranon.
  • He touches my chin. "Do you want to end up like Shellie?" he asks me. Tears begin to roll down my face.
  • "No, I do not want to die," I say.
  • "Then it is settled. We will be married at sunset. My pack will be here, and since you do not have anyone to invite, I have invited other packs to join us. You will be happy and appreciative and say nothing of how you come here," Alpha Ranon says to me.
  • I nod my head. The back of his hand makes a firm connection to the side of my face. I look up at him. "I am sorry, Master. I will behave and act like a blushing bride tonight," I say. I try to force a smile.
  • He pulls me up to him and grabs my bare ass. "If you give me any trouble, I will make your first night in my bed hell on earth, little bitch," Alpha Ranon says.
  • "I understand, Master," I say to him.
  • He looks down at my breasts and grabs both of them hard. I squeal as he hurts me. My breathing becomes labored. "Maybe I take your virginity now instead of waiting," Alpha Ranon says, throwing me onto the bed. The total weight of his body on me. He is pressed between my legs, and I am at his mercy. I cannot fight him. I look over and see Shellie.
  • "Master, could you please take care of her first," I asked him. The back of his hand hits my face again.
  • "Fuck. It looks like the bride will have a black eye on her wedding day," Alpha Ranon says. He gets off of me. He grabs Shellie. He carries her out of the bedroom. I curl up in a ball and begin to cry. I feel a hand touch me. I roll over to see a she-wolf standing by the bed.
  • "Roll over on your back, little pet," She says. I do as she asks. I do not want to get her in trouble. She secures my legs and wrists with shackles.
  • "What is this?" I ask.
  • She does not answer me. She walks out of the bedroom, meeting Alpha Ranon on her way out of the bedroom. The two have a brief exchange, and then he comes back to me. He looks me over, running his hands over my body. He pinches my nipples again until I cry.
  • "You look perfect, Kayla, and I cannot wait to mark you as mine," Alpha Ranon says. He begins to undress. I look away. I do not even want to look at him.