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Chapter 46 A human woman?

  • Twenty elders, from neighboring packs, and regions were seated in the throne room, awaiting Alpha Edward's presence. It was already noon and none of them had heard any word concerning the hunt. Not even the head of council, Garrett Relish, who was almost like a member of the family. 
  • So, they had gathered themselves and arranged an emergency meeting in the palace. Now, they were all present and seated comfortably, with Garrett at the head table. 
  • Finally, Edward walked into the throne room. He had just been told by a palace guard that his elders were waiting for him. He managed to get himself prepared as quickly as he could - both physically and mentally - he knew why they were here. 
  • When he walked in, the elders bowed to him in unison. 
  • "Your highness, we greet you Alpha." 
  • Edward looked around, he waved his hand in response to their greeting, with a nervous smile on his face. He settled into the royal seat, the seat of his father and all the fathers before him. Within him, he prayed that his son would not lose this seat as a result of what he had done. 
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