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Chapter 156 Stealing My Words

  • “Mr. Lake, I think there’s no need for us to continue this conversation. Furthermore, I really came with a date today. It will be awkward when he comes back later and sees you in his seat,” Selena said in a cold and distant manner.
  • Beginning to lose his patience, Finneas said, “Stop putting up a pretence, Selena. I heard everything you told Pierre the last time on the island, and I know that I’m still in your heart. You still love me like you used to, so I’m here to tell you today that our feelings are mutual.”
  • Feeling a sudden headache, Selena wondered, When did he develop the bad habit of eavesdropping on others? She had said those things to Pierre deliberately, but she didn’t think that Finneas would overhear them.
  • “I’ve already filed for divorce with Megan, and the divorce settlement has been drafted. Once she signs the papers, we’ll be divorced and I can be together with you again. I was planning to look for you when I’m officially divorced, but Megan went to Springvale recently and didn’t sign the papers.”
  • “Megan went to Springvale, you said?” she asked. This was the only thing that caught her attention. She couldn’t help but recall that the Yard Family didn’t seem to have any business in Springvale, and Megan had never studied abroad there either. Hence, it was unlikely for her to have any friends there.
  • In conclusion, she felt that things were a little fishy for Megan to go to Springvale out of the blue.
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