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Chapter 9 Developing Feelings

  • “Just so you know, this doesn’t mean we’re dating or anything.” Adeline says with a sleepy voice as she lays her head on my chest. After our first orgasm, I fucked her again and then again until she told me she was too sore to keep up. She passed out in my arms but I wasn’t even able to sleep because everything about what just happened between the two of us seems so ethereal, I can hardly believe it’s real.
  • The woman I’ve been stalking for practically three weeks, the woman I booked a therapist appointment with even though I’m sure I really don’t need therapy just so I can talk to her. The woman I should most definitely stay away from because of the kind of life I live, she’s in my bed, her lips were on mine, I touched her naked skin and it felt like everything I could ever need in the world.
  • I’ve never wanted to be with someone so bad and I know she thinks this is just a hookup for me but now that I have a taste of what she truly feels like, I’m never letting her out of my sight. I don’t want her to look at anyone else. Hell, I don’t even want another man to breathe next to her.
  • I’m keeping her all to myself and by the time I’m done with her, she’ll be so utterly in love with me that she won’t want anyone else. I know I made a promise not to get too close to her but what happened today was completely out of my control. I fucking lose my shit whenever I’m next to this woman and I’m fully convinced if she asked me for anything I would burn the world down just to get it for her.
  • That’s how obsessed I am.
  • “You just had sex with me beautiful. Would it be so bad to date me?” I ask her and tighten my grip on her waist when she tries to get out of bed. She tenses before relaxing and pushing her body closer to mine. I could die of happiness.
  • “I don’t really do relationships.” Her voice sounds so soft, like she’s still sleepy but fighting the urge to pass out again.
  • “Do you regret what just happened?” I suddenly ask her because if there’s one thing my heart will not tolerate is if she regrets fucking me.
  • “What? No. The sex was amazing. I just… I don’t even know you. I’ve met you once and the second time I basically threw myself at you. I feel embarrassed.” She’s so honest. Even though I know how hard it must be to her to admit how she feels to a complete stranger.
  • I almost forgot she doesn’t really know who I am and I’m the one who’s been stalking her for almost a month. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a while but she just met me and she doesn’t look like the kind of girl to hookup with strangers. I didn’t even think about how she must feel about this because I was so focused on how amazing it felt.
  • I grip her waist and put her on top of me so she’s straddling me as I look up to her face. It feels like I’m looking up to an angel. Not an ounce of make up on her face right now and she still looks perfect. Not that I have any issues with make-up but it’s just so beautifully heart aching how fucking perfect she is.
  • Her long brown hair falls effortlessly down her back and around her shoulders without even trying as she looks down at me with surprised doe eyes. Her lips look perfect and if she said she weren’t so tired I would have fucked her again right here and now.
  • “I don’t want you to have any regrets or think that I take what we just did lightly. I want you, Adeline. I know it sounds crazy but I’ve wanted you from the moment I set my eyes on you. I’m very intentional and serious about what I want so this wasn’t just some hookup to me. It was me showing you you’re mine now.”
  • She bites her bottom lip, the action sending a wave of heat straight to my cock and I know she can feel my hardness poking her from straddling me. I can’t help how my body reacts to her. The woman’s a fucking goddess.
  • “Are you always this possessive about every woman you sleep with Mr. Russo?” She jokes with a light smile and I smirk at her.
  • “I’ve never been this possessive about a woman before in my life baby. You have no idea what you do to me.”
  • I really need to learn how to keep my mouth shut before I scare her away. I need to remember that although I’ve known her for months, she’s only known me for two days.
  • She lets out a shaky breath before she speaks. “I got cheated on two months ago. I’ve never admitted it out loud but I’m still not over him and I don’t want to get into anything serious if I’m still stuck up on my ex. I got my heart broken and I don’t know if I can trust anyone else with it.”
  • She looks away from me, as if she hasn’t shared this much of her personal life with anyone ever before. I feel a heaviness in my heart, a little bit hurt that she’s still in love with that mother fucker Dain Mathews. Yeah, I’ve stalked her enough to know who her ex is.
  • He’s very lucky he’s a decent guy other than the fact that he cheated on my Adeline. I would have fucking killed him. He had everything in front of him and still had the nerve to look at another woman? I want to beat him to a pulp for hurting her.
  • “First of all. Your ex is the stupidest man on the planet.” I say as I push a strand of hair away from her face. She has a sad look on her face and I want to wipe it away forever. I want to make her the happiest girl in the world.
  • “Secondly, although I’ve made it pretty clear I want you, I’m not going to pressure you. But I promise you, when I’m done with you, your ex will be but a memory that you’ll have to struggle to even remember.”
  • “Do you have to always be so intense Dante?” I don’t even answer her. I pull her face towards mine and plant my lips on hers with all the determination the world because she just said my name and it fucking drove me crazy.
  • She moans into my mouth and I deepen the kiss, tasting and breathing in everything about her. Yep. I’ve decided this is the woman I want and I’ll be damned before I let her go.
  • “Shit.” She breaks the kiss and looks around her with wide eyes, as if she just came to the realization that she’s in my room. “What time is it? I have to call Liam.”
  • She says looking around for her phone but we left everything in my car. I know Liam is her best friend and I’m not worried about him. Their relationship is completely platonic and she’s probably worried about him right now because I killed his client.
  • She gets off me and out of the bed and her cheeks get instantly red when she realizes she’s butt naked. Heat rushes to my cock and I ignore it with all the resolve I have. I ignore the urge to slap her ass and grab her ass cheeks.
  • “I’m sorry Dante, but can you take me home? Uhm Liam’s my best friend and-“ She says as she tries to look everywhere in the room except at me. We just had sex and she’s uncomfortable being naked in front of me. Fucking cute.
  • “You don’t have to explain yourself Adeline.” I say and head towards my wardrobe. I take out a plain white t-shirt and some new boxers I’ve never worn since I basically tore up all her clothes.
  • I pick up her bra and she tenses when I help her put it on. She blushes bright red when I help her put on my shirt. It stops a little bit above her thighs and I bite back a smile from how cute she looks.
  • “Can you only wear my clothes from now on Adeline?” I joke trying to lighten the tension between us and she flashes a nervous smile at me. She has the brightest and most beautiful smile in the world and I want to make her smile like this forever.
  • “Let’s get you home.” I say and pull her close to me, placing a kiss on her forehead. At this rate, I’m going to fall in love with Adeline Fitz.