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Chapter 9 Messed-up Seniority

  • The next day was the day Olivia agreed to treat Nathan’s great-grandpa.
  • That morning, Olivia waited at home until around 10 AM. However, she still heard nothing from him. After repeatedly glancing at the time, she finally couldn’t stand it anymore.
  • Thus, she took out her phone and gave him a call. “Do you still want me to treat your great-grandpa? Can you act a little more reliably?”
  • Nathan sounded very rushed and busy on the other side of the phone. “Of course, I want you to treat him! I’ve told my mom the situation, and she will send somebody to get you. Olivia, I’m counting on you to treat my great-grandpa’s illness! I need to go! Right now, I’m at the airport waiting to board my plane!”
  • “Hey, how can you leave just because you want to leave? Have you settled North’s schooling matters?”
  • “Rest assured, I’ve already arranged everything. I’ve settled the admission procedures for his school. It’s the Imperial Kindergarten located in Summer City. You only need to show up there. I really can’t talk to you anymore; I’m about to board my plane.” Nathan spoke extremely quickly, leaving Olivia with no chance to get a single word in. Then, he ended the call.
  • After that, she became so depressed that she wanted to murder somebody. What’s up with him? He deceived me and brought me back to this country. Then, he left just like that, going back to the States.
  • “What’s wrong, Mommy?” North asked, lifting his head curiously. It was only at times like this that he resembled a six or seven-year-old child.
  • “Uncle Nathan deceived us and brought us back, but now he has gone back to the United States all by himself.”
  • Thus, he nodded in understanding. “Nathan has never been a reliable person and has done many other similarly unreliable things.”
  • He blinked his large, innocent-looking eyes, acting as if it had nothing to do with him.
  • If Mommy finds out that I plotted this ruse, will she smack my bottom? But, I want a daddy! Naturally, I will give priority to my biological daddy. Still, even though Eugene Nolan isn’t all that great, he is wealthy and handsome. Most importantly, he is my biological father! Just that fact alone is enough for me to list him as the top candidate to become my daddy!
  • Olivia sighed, then patted his small head. “In the future, you can joke around all you want. But, Uncle Nathan is younger than me by five years. You can’t keep calling him Nathan, can you? Won’t that mess up the seniority?”
  • North felt a little speechless. I wonder who among us is the one messing up the seniority? My daddy is Nathan’s uncle. If so, what’s wrong with me calling him Nathan then?
  • However, he didn’t dare voice his opinion for fear of angering her. Hence, he obediently replied, “I know, Mommy. He won’t get angry at me for that.”
  • As they were talking, a knock sounded on the door.
  • Thus, Olivia hurriedly stood up and glanced at the video feed of the intercom. A woman slightly over forty was standing outside with two bodyguards beside her. Opening the door, Olivia asked politely, “May I know who you’re looking for?”
  • The woman outside was visibly taken aback. Then, she took a step back and glanced at the house number again. “Are you Miss Maxwell?”
  • “Yes, I am. And, you are?”
  • Upon hearing her confirmation, Jade Nolan immediately became friendly. “Oh! Nice to meet you! I am Nathan’s mother. He told me to come over to pick you up. However, I didn’t expect you to be so young! Nathan informed you about it, right? Old Man Nolan is sick, and because of that, Nathan asked me to come and find you.”
  • Olivia smiled and replied, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Baker. Yes, Nathan has informed me about it. Please, come inside.”
  • On the other hand, North facepalmed. What is with this seniority? Are you telling me Nathan’s mother isn’t on the same level as Mommy?
  • In response, Jade hurriedly waved her hands. “Miss Maxwell, please don’t trouble yourself. If you are ready, we can leave now.”
  • Thus, Olivia amiably replied, “Sure. Please wait a moment.”
  • After saying that, she walked into her room and came out with a black backpack. “Let’s leave right now. Saving people is a priority.”
  • “Sure, sure; let’s go,” Jade said, leading the way out of the door.
  • With that, they left the house, got into a black Bugatti Veyron, and headed toward the Nolan Residence.
  • At Nolan Group, Eugene stared at the 50 million worth of lost data on his computer, as well as that arrogant four-syllable word ‘unrepentant’.
  • The look in his eyes was deep. He was becoming more and more impressed by the hacker that managed to penetrate his company’s firewalls and infiltrate the internal system on more than one occasion.
  • This person could infiltrate the company’s systems and catch all personnel in the company unawares. Naturally, that meant he could have wreaked greater havoc by causing more losses to the Nolan Group. However, he didn’t.
  • That tells me that the hacker isn’t actually trying to cause losses to the company. Perhaps… Yeah, I must have unknowingly offended this person. So, he gave me a warning. But… When did I offend this person? For it to happen twice in a day… Moreover, the attack at night had occurred around 11 PM. At that time, I was still at the auction house. So, who could I have offended? Then, he frowned suddenly. Could it be that woman? Now that I think about it, didn’t the attack on the company’s defense system occur after I kicked her out of the company? Then, after the bidding competition with that woman last night, the defense system was attacked again.
  • Don’t tell me… that woman isn’t just a thief, but a computer expert as well? Still, if she had abilities like these, why would she need to steal phones?
  • At that moment, a phone rang, dragging his thoughts back to the present. Glancing at his phone, it was a call from Connor. Recently, he had been in charge of handling Old Man Nolan’s affairs. “President Nolan, Young Lady Jade brought a woman with her to the Nolan Residence, saying that she wants to let the woman treat Old Man Nolan. Do you want to come back and have a look?”
  • Eugene frowned. Right now, Grandpa’s condition is very weak; he can’t take any form of stress whatsoever. “Stop them for now. I’ll be there right away.”