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Chapter 11 They Are Family

  • There was no time to think—another quarrel was about to break out again. Penny’s furious voice rang out loudly, “Watch what you say! Are you cursing my grandpa to die? Someone, drag her out!”
  • The bodyguards standing outside prepared to rush in upon hearing those instructions.
  • “Stand down!” Eugene shouted. Then, the entire room fell silent suddenly.
  • Everybody turned to look, and Olivia followed suit. When she saw Eugene, even the corners of her eyes twitched uncontrollably. Why is this man here? To run into the devil at this crucial moment; d*mn it! Aren’t I too unlucky?
  • Seeing that it was Eugene, Penny hurried over to him. “Eugene, you came back at just the right time! Jade found a woman from God knows where and insisted on letting her treat Grandpa! She speaks so rudely and has such an arrogant attitude! More importantly, she cursed Grandpa to die!”
  • Olivia burst out laughing upon hearing those words. “Excuse me, miss. Your comprehension skills are so very worrying. Did you study language under a gym teacher?” As she spoke, she turned around and looked at Jade. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Baker. It looks like Old Man Nolan and I do not have any fate between us. I’m afraid I can’t help you with this. Please, find somebody else to help you.”
  • However, Jade grabbed her and stopped her from leaving. “Please don’t leave, Miss Maxwell.” Looking at Eugene, she pleaded, “Eugene, Nathan specially invited Miss Maxwell here. He claims that she is very skillful in medicine! Please, just let her have a try! Shouldn’t we grab at the glimmer of hope we have for a chance at treatment? It’s still better than performing surgery, isn’t it? At his age, if the old man undergoes surgery, he wouldn’t be able to survive the process!”
  • “Since when has Nathan ever done anything that can be trusted? Did you forget why he was punished by Eugene to never return from overseas?” Penny sneered.
  • Jade ignored her. Instead, she focused all her efforts on trying to persuade Eugene. “Eugene, Nathan is more often unreliable than not. However, he would never take anything related to his great-grandpa’s life lightly.”
  • On the other hand, Eugene glanced at Olivia, then glanced down at the little boy staring up at him quietly. After that, he recalled the arrogant four-syllable word he saw this morning—unrepentant. All of a sudden, he felt that perhaps he needed to reacquaint himself with this mother-and-son pair again. Thus, he stepped forward suddenly. Walking toward her, he stopped in front of her and asked in a deep voice, “Are you certain you can cure my grandpa?”
  • It’s his grandpa?! He and Nathan are family! Olivia didn’t show anything outwardly, but she cursed at Nathan in her heart. Lifting her head, she smiled confidently and said to him, “Mr. Nolan, you can choose not to believe me. I can also pretend that I never came here in the first place. If you are suspicious of me, just don’t allow me to approach Old Man Nolan. You and your family do not need to be so wary of me!”
  • This woman’s attitude is as arrogant as ever. Thus, Eugene narrowed his eyes dangerously and sized her up. Normally, most people would find it unbearable to be stared at by him in this manner. However, this woman was as calm as could be, acting as if she didn’t even feel his gaze on her. All of a sudden, Eugene withdrew his gaze. Glancing at his grandpa lying inside, he said, “Let her treat him.”
  • She smiled, secretly thinking in her heart, Hah, you little twerp! You finally fell into my trap!
  • “President Nolan, please don’t force yourself. I only came here because Nathan asked me to. If I knew you were involved, I would never have come. Seeing as you have such an amazing doctor with a doctorate in medicine, I won’t take up your time anymore.” Then, she took the little boy’s hand and turned to leave.
  • North sighed in frustration, then he muttered softly, “Seriously, what good would angering Mommy do?” After saying that, he followed after Olivia and walked out.
  • “Wait—”