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Chapter 96 Daddy

  • Gwendolyn smiled when she heard that. “You're already a great help tonight, Mr. Lowen. Thank you!”
  • Patrick had no intention of leaving. He slumped on the couch and stared intently at her. “Just remember my good side.”
  • She raised her eyebrow slightly with unease. Is he trying to make me pay again? I can't just chase him away either. After all, I'm depending on him to make a living. If I disobey him, he can just fire me, and I'll lose my job.
  • After adjusting the blanket on Juliette, she sat on the chair next to the bed and stared at the little girl.
  • He, in turn, stared at her. Silence befell the room.
  • When Juliette's drip finished, it was already two in the morning. Gwendolyn yawned and pressed the bell.
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