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Chapter 78 A Cozy Home

  • Patrick went into the small attached bathroom. It had a small sink and a shower with nary a bathtub in sight.
  • His gaze landed on the pale green toothbrush and its matching cup. Gwendolyn also kept a face towel and some cosmetics in the bathroom. He did not see a single water stain in the clean and tidy bathroom.
  • His observations so far led him to conclude that Gwendolyn led a simple and meaningful existence. Her house was old and lacking in lavish designs, yet it was a clean and comfortable abode.
  • Under her management, the simplest decorations and furniture turned the old house into a warm and cozy home.
  • It was nothing like the monochromatic scheme of his house, which made it seem cold and uninviting.
  • Gwendolyn returned amid his musings with a new toothbrush, a cup, and a fresh towel.
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