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Chapter 76 Little Liar

  • That very night, Gwendolyn was plagued with a dream. She dreamed that she fell into the water and had difficulty breathing. It was a horrible feeling.
  • Anyway, she didn't get to sleep well and woke up the next day feeling exhausted.
  • She opened her eyes and was greeted by a handsome face that was mere inches away from her. The owner of the face was sleeping soundly, and his thick and beautiful lashes cast a shadow beneath his eyes.
  • It gave his eyes an extra touch of mystery.
  • Gwendolyn gazed at him silently, for he looked dashing when he was asleep.
  • What a hunk. I never knew that men could look as gorgeous as a painting when they are asleep. Women are sleeping beauties, but he looks like he belongs in a gorgeous landscape painting. He looks as strapping and tall as a mountain.
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