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Chapter 67 He Was A Little Afraid

  • Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, Gwendolyn sped up her cleaning. Without even vacuuming the floor, she picked up her bag and ran away.
  • When Patrick came out of the shower, she was already gone. He heard the sound of engines and walked to the window, only to watch her car slowly drive out of the yard.
  • The corners of his mouth curved slightly. She's avoiding me because she's frightened.
  • Earlier, he had been sorely tempted to continue what they had been doing, as the touch was very different from his own hands. It was not the same as the doll he had shoved into the deepest part of his closet either.
  • I'm doomed! It seems like nothing else but her will do for me now.
  • On the very next day, Gwendolyn woke up in a good mood, feeling excited about her first day at work.
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