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Chapter 64 Trash Bin

  • Gwendolyn couldn't stop crying once she started. When she felt his fingers caressing her cheeks, she hurriedly backed away in shock. With that, she sat on Felicia's face accidentally, causing the latter to shriek and jump to her feet.
  • “Ahh! Gwendolyn Ashton, are you trying to kill me?”
  • As she had just woken up from her sleep, her voice was harsh and high-pitched. She had forgotten where she was. The only thing she saw was Gwendolyn's buttock moving away from her face. Hence, she reprimanded the latter without any thought.
  • Gwendolyn stood aside and said indifferently, “I didn't do it on purpose.”
  • They seemed to have forgotten about Felicia's presence previously. It was only now that Patrick noticed her.
  • “It's true that she didn't do it on purpose. Just go home and rest if you're tired,” he clarified, his brows furrowed.
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